Research Areas

SmartProSys pursues a system-oriented strategy based on a cross-scale research approach to develop a new generation of chemical production processes. Since the overall system is extremely complex, the development of intelligent process systems requires an interdisciplinary approach that integrates research areas and addresses challenges at different levels.

Here, you can find more information about the following Research Areas:


  • Process Level (PL): The central research area Process Level (PL) will develop and experimentally validate fundamentally new methodologies for the rational design and operation of new mechanical, chemical and biological conversion processes capable of converting biogenic residues and plastic waste into valuable intermediates and target products.


  • Molecular Level (ML): Here, new chemical reaction pathways and separation principles for complex mixtures must be identified and analyzed in detail in order to utilize and control them. This area is closely linked to the process level (PL).


  • System Level (SL): At this level, the broader framework for transformation will be analyzed, from policies affecting the structure of supply chains, to the actor networks necessary for the circular economy, to consumers, their competencies, and their acceptance of circular economy principles and policies.


  • Computational Methods and Algorithms (CMA): Here, a cross-cutting research will be integrated to rational design, operation and control powerful modeling, simulation and optimization of the given methods due to the challenge of numerous different variables in the previous three research levels.


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