Mechanical and Thermal Preprocessing

Guest Speaker
Title: Sustainable Process Systems
through Nature-Inspired
Chemical Engineering

SmartProSys Speaker
Title: The Application of Discrete
Element Modelling in Gas-Solid

Guest Speaker
Title: High-efficiency hybrid
solar combined heating, cooling
and power systems for
distributed applications

SmartProSys Speaker
Title: Cavitation Bubbles are
Micromachines for Wet
Physical Processing

Chemical & Biological Decomposition Processes

Guest Speaker
Title: Chemical Recycling by
Pyrolysis and Gasification

SmartProSys Speaker
Title: New insights into the influence
of intra-particle transport and
inorganic species on the pyrolysis
mechanism of lignocellulosic biomass

Guest Speaker
Title: Microbial upcycling of plastic:
from scenario evaluation to the wet lab

SmartProSys Speaker
Title: Closing the circular
cycles for polyamides?

Supply Chain and Sustainability Management

Guest Speaker
Title: Recycling and Recovery
Infrastructure for Composite Materials
– Techno-economic, logistic and
environmental perspectives

SmartProSys Speaker
Title: Doing better with less –
the role of sufficiency for a
sustainable Circular Economy

Guest Speaker
Title: A Systems Engineering
Framework for the Optimization
of Circular Economy Supply Chains

SmartProSys Speaker
Title: Optimization for Stochastic
Dynamic Decision Processes

Circular Society - Research at the Interface of Technology, Societal Support and Individual Appropriation

Guest Speaker
Title: Where, Why, and How Psychology
is Relevant in Circular Economy
– Some Reflections Based on
Large Interdisciplinary Projects

SmartProSys Speaker
Title: Do simple heuristics make us
smart in the transition towards a
sustainable society?

Guest Speaker
Title: Grown Up Overnight -
What We Learn from Narratives
about the Circular Bio-Economy

SmartProSys Speaker
Title: Bioeconomic Solutions
for Sustainability? Institutions
and Political Conflicts as
Important Driving Forces
for Bioeconomy Policy

Chemical & Biological (Re-)Synthesis

Guest Speaker
Title: (Bio)Chemical Process
Development aided by Robotics
and Machine Learning

SmartProSys Speaker
Title: Optimization of metal catalysts
for oxidation reactions

Guest Speaker
Title: Continuous Flow Synthesis
of Medicines

SmartProSys Speaker
Title: Enforced ATP wasting as a
means for bioprocess intensification

Systems Engineering and Computational Methods

Guest Speaker
Title: Recent Advances in
Computational Methods for the
Discrete and Continuous Optimization
of Energy Systems

SmartProSys Speaker
Title: Reduced-order Modeling Enables
Digital Twins for Smart Process

Guest Speaker
Title: Quantum Computing and
Deep Learning for Process
Systems Optimization and
Data Analytics

SmartProSys Speaker
Title: Towards Model Based Control
of PHA Biopolymer Production

Panel Discussion "Future of Sustainable Chemistry"

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